Two weeks have passed

Our new life began two weeks ago! Now I’m used to driving my daughter to school almost everyday, working at Starbucks near school for four hours, picking her up, driving home, and working more till I need to pick the other daughter up from the local daycare by 5:30 pm.

So far our older daughter likes the school, which is good, and although she had really not talked in English at home, she seems picking it up. I was really concerned how I could work, but working at Starbucks is quite comfortable (with wi-fi and power outlet!). The only thing I don’t like to do there is requesting for filming permission. Sometimes it’s a ministry and sometimes it’s a totally random person I find interesting for a TV show. One day I was asking about antiballistic missiles to the Ministry of Defence, for example, at Starbucks. It’s not something you want to hear at a cafe.

So far, so good. I have a few pieces of filming coming up and I have to see how we can handle it. One day, I know my husband can drive her to school. How about the other days? It’s all about management to run family matters.




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