lean on each other

I have just started a new project, which keeps me quite busy right now.

I am a translator and a fixer. Right now I am in charge of managing TV filming to be held in Tokyo that an overseas production company is planning. I like what I do. The best part of working as a translator/ fixer is that I can work from home most of time. I used to always go out to work for Japanese TV shows even for translation because if you deal with news, you have to be at site to work on whatever coming in to decide with directors where to use, or tell them what the people in the footage say, and check editing to see if they really cut the right piece of footage. I never knew what time I would go home.

With kids, you cannot work that way. So I decided to work only from home. There are some exceptions that sometimes I take interpretation job that I need to be in a studio for filming or go out to the street for random interviews. And those times it’s hard to arrange for babysitter because sometimes filming starts at 9 pm.

But so far, I’ve found a great daycare and great neighbors to ask for help if I really need. Mothers and fathers need those people. When you have kids, you need to rely on each other. So sometimes you do someone’s favors. Some other times they do your favors. Ultimately you need to rely on each other if you are single or live with your family. But when you have a child, there are more times you face a situation where you need someone’s help.

I hope every parent finds help when needed.


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