My time is half of what I used to have

I guess everyone with children sympathizes with me that once you have a kid, your time is not all yours anymore and you have a lot to take care of someone else. I thought I knew what it means when I didn’t have a child. Now with two daughters, I know it.

By 9 am, my kids go to daycare. I usually go for a walk simply because I, as a translator and a fixer for TV shows, usually just sit at the table and my back hurts after I gave birth to the first child.

Start working at 10 am till noon desirably. But laundry and house cleaning… You cannot ignore it for a week. Another 30 to 60 minutes is taken here. Sometimes my husband does it if he doesn’t have a deadline.

Lunch for myself and hubby if he stays home. I usually cook something easy, but still it takes me 30 minutes and eat it another 30 minutes.

Desirably work between 1 pm to 5 pm. But usually I have errands, like pay for daycare tuitions or grocery shopping. This week, my daughter has a dentist appointment for checkup. I have to pick her up by 4 and take her to the dentist. Each little thing can be intervened in my work hours.

At 5 pm, I rush to pick my daughters up at daycare. Then cook for dinner, feed them, eat myself, play with them, brush their teeth, then put them to sleep by, desirably 9 pm.

If I have still work, get up from bed after the kids fall asleep.

When I was not married, I thought I could work 24 hours. Now I have maybe 5 hours to work a day. Wow. So what mothers usually do is be very productive. I think that’s why companies should hire women with kids because we know how to be productive. We have to. Go moms!!


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